My name is Eduardo Pecina, Jr. in the real world and Mitomon in the virtual ones. Ever since I discovered my passion for electronics when I was 10, I strive to improve my knowledge in its various industries by creating open-source hardware and software projects while documenting them for others to learn from. Electronics isn't my only hobby though; I've also documented my experiences with various languages, game development, and even some music composition.

 Software and Game Development

Ever since I was a 13 year old learning to make calculator games in TI-BASIC, I have had a fascination with programming. I have worked on open-source software, published a couple of games, and even made an award-winning app. My software is available on GitHub and Hackster. Games and apps are on Google Play.

Check out my software portfolio, here.

Hardware Projects

and Tutorials

Electronics has been my main hobby since I was 10, but started making serious projects in 2016. I've had a fair amount of experience with all sorts of projects ranging from solar panels to self-driving robots. Some projects I decided to make open source and have showcased on Instructables and Hackster. A few have even been featured on these sites.

Check out my hardware portfolio, here.


Writing and Languages

Learning languages is a fun hobby for me. Being a multilingual developer has put me in the unique position of being able to translate software-related texts with improved accuracy compared to non-dev translators. I also have four years of experience as a volunteer interpreter and ESL teacher at the local adult learning center.

Check out my writing and translating portfolio, here.