Hardware Builds and Designs

I've been studying and experimenting with hardware for about a third of my life now. Some of my designs are completely new, while others are focused on making an existing tool or product affordable. With my innovative proposals, I've been awarded hardware from a few different companies and organizations, including Infineon, Particle, Netduino, Walabot, and Maxim Integrated.

Robotics Projects

Autonomous Yard Scooping Entity (Click for Demo Video)

AYSE features:

-Double-Jointed Arms

-Strong Reused Aluminum Scoop

-Magnetic Odometer Sensor Setup (built with Infineon 3D 2Go Magnetic Sensor)

-Single Command setting in the works

-Custom Library

-Scalability for different robot sizes

With robotics and autonomy increasingly being introduced to the consumer, this is an ideal solution to a problem many people experience.

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IoT Projects

Automatic Pet Water Chiller

The Automatic Pet Water Chiller uses thermoelectric cooling technology to keep a pet's water dish cool. It automatically turns on if the locally calculated heat index is too high. This can be configured and overridden through the mobile app.

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Magnetic Odometer Sensor Setup(Click for Demo Video)

MOSS provides a solution for accurate odometer readings on small vehicles. Drawing only 75 mA of current, the magnetic sensor records the amount of times a wheel has rotated and calculates distance traveled and speed in RPM on board to save the main board's computational power for other tasks. It sends the current distance traveled through I2C to be as flexible and adoptable as possible. The unit is simple to attach to any wheel or RC vehicle.

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Remote Particle Siren

I have cameras to watch my animals and prevent them from doing naughty things like messing up flower gardens or escaping the fence. Running outside to stop any of these things every time they occur can be pretty annoying though, especially now in the hot summer. I needed an easy (preferably wireless) way to stop my dogs from digging into my garden and my horses from hurting themselves by trying to open or jump the fence gate. My solution was to build a wireless siren that can be activated with an android app or manually in case I am already outside and don't want to yell.

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Sneak Peek at Future Projects