I grew up bilingual and have picked up a couple of other languages since I was young, including Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, Italian, and French. I have received awards and certifications for my Mandarin and had the opportunity to practice both my Chinese and Italian in their respective countries of origin. Along with being used to interpreting English to Spanish and vice-versa for family members since I was young, I volunteered for al four years of high school at my city's local adult learning center. I also like translating video games and sharing my knowledge in different laguages on Quora.


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So far, Quetoo is the only game not developed by me that I have translated fully from English to Spanish.

"Quetoo is a Free, standalone first person shooter video game based on id Tech2. Our goal is to bring the fun of oldschool deathmatch to a more contemporary platform, and perhaps to a new generation of gamers. Quetoo is multiplayer-only. There is no single-player or offline gameplay mode. If you have no Internet and no friends, Quetoo might not be for you."


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Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community. This is one of my favorite pastimes as it is relaxing and helps me hone my skills in the writing craft. I've been improving my writing there since 2015, and have answered more than 120 questions about animals, technology, humanity, and video games. My answers have been viewed almost 50 thousand times. Recently, I decided to write answers in Spanish and French as well to not only share my knowledge with a wider audience, but to practice my written skill in these languages as well.


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