Awards and Recognitions


These are the hard-fought awards I won in technology and pitch competitions, along with some other certificates.

Organizations I Have Awards From


Hardware, Cash, and Happiness


Most of the prizes I have won so far are hardware from pitches while the rest are below.


Diversifying Space and Place Hackathon 2018


Most Practical: MuseCode


The piano teaching app with a cultural twist was deemed the most practical by Texas A&M judges.


M'Dieval Game Jam 2017


Best Game Overall


Made with my friend Wesam, the historical fiction sidescroller nabbed first in this indie game competition.


2016 Chinese Bridge Competition


Honarable Mention


Representing Texas A&M University in the high school division, I earned an Honorable Mention by speaking for 3 minutes in Mandarin on my language learning journey and playing the classic Chinese folk song Jasmine Flower on the piano. This was also the first time I had ever played on a piano instead of a keyboard. If you were one of the three audience members in a crowd of 200+ that gave me a standing ovation, thank you.

Adult Learning Center


Best Experience


Though this isn't what most people would consider awards, I'm putting this here because it is very near and dear to my heart. Thanks to the wonderful community in Bryan Collegiate High School, we were able to organize a supplies drive to help the Bryan Adult Learning Center continue teaching adults GED and ESL by raising more than $700 in school supplies! Along with that, I'm also proud we were able to volunteer a combined amount of more than 1,000 hours, teaching people to read, write, and perform mathematics. If you want to support them, this is their site.


Left: Mrs. Becky Collet, BALC Director.Right: One high schooler(me)

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